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China Manufacturer Panasonic CGA-S002E CGA-S002 Digital Camera Battery

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    China Manufacturer Panasonic CGA-S002E CGA-S002 Digital Camera Battery


    • Battery Type: Li-ion
    • Battery Capacity: 680mAh
    • Battery Voltage: 7.20 V
    • Battery Color: black
    • Battery Condition: brand new

    This Battery can replace the following part numbers:

    • CGA-S002
    • CGA-S002A
    • CGA-S002A/1B
    • CGA-S002E
    • CGA-S002E/1B
    • CGR-S002
    • CGR-S002E
    • DMW-BM7

    This Battery is compatible with the follow models:

    • Lumix DMC-FZ1, Lumix DMC-FZ10, 
    • Lumix DMC-FZ10EB, Lumix DMC-FZ10EG-K,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ10EG-S, Lumix DMC-FZ10GN,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ15, Lumix DMC-FZ15K,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ15P, Lumix DMC-FZ1A, 
    • Lumix DMC-FZ1A-K, Lumix DMC-FZ1A-S,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ1B, Lumix DMC-FZ1PP, 
    • Lumix DMC-FZ2, Lumix DMC-FZ20,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ20BB, Lumix DMC-FZ20E,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ20EG-K, Lumix DMC-FZ20EG-S,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ20K, Lumix DMC-FZ20PP,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ20S, Lumix DMC-FZ2A-S,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ2E, Lumix DMC-FZ2PP,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ3, Lumix DMC-FZ3B,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ3EG-S, Lumix DMC-FZ3GN,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ3PP, Lumix DMC-FZ4,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ4EG-S, Lumix DMC-FZ4PP,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ4S, Lumix DMC-FZ5,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ5EB, Lumix DMC-FZ5EG,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ5EG-K, Lumix DMC-FZ5EG-S, 
    • Lumix DMC-FZ5GK, Lumix DMC-FZ5GN,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ5K, Lumix DMC-FZ5PP,
    • Lumix DMC-FZ5S

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