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High Quality Li-ion Replacement Canon BP-512 Camera Battery

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    High Quality Li-ion Replacement Canon BP-512 Camera Battery


    • Cell:  Li-ion Cell
    • Voltage : 7.4V 
    • Capacity : 1700mAh 
    • Weight : 62g
    • Color: Black
    • Work Temple:  -20°C~55°C
    • Recycle life : 500 times

    Quality Advantage:

    • Cell:  A1 cell in market , the best cell
    • IC : 100% new IC, protection Charge and Discharge
    • Products Certificates: CE ,Rohs ,FCC 
    • warranty :18 months
    • No memory effect

    About OEM : 

    • OEM is welcome .
    • Free Logo and Label for you if the order up to 100pcs
    • Can print the label capacity as you request  .
    • We can design  and produce the OEM packaging for you, with your own Logo on it .

    Compatible Battery Part Number:

    • Canon  BP-508, BP-511, BP-511A, BP-512, BP-514, BP-522, BP-535

    Fits With Following Camera Models:

    Canon DM-MV Series:   DM-MV100X, DM-MV100Xi, DM-MV400, DM-MV430, DM-MV450, DM-MVX1i

    Canon FV Series:   FV2, FV10, FV20, FV30, FV40, FV50, FV100, FV200, FV300, FV400

    Canon MV300 Series:  MV300, MV300i, MV30i, MV450i

    Canon MV400 Series:  MV400i, MV430i, MV430IMC, MV450i

    Canon MV500 Series:  MV500, MV500i, MV530i, MV550i

    Canon MV600 Series:  MV600, MV600i, MV630i, MV650i

    Canon MV700 Series:  MV700, MV700i, MV730i, MV750i

    Canon MVX Series:  MVX100i, MVX150i, MVX2i, MVX3i

    Canon Optura Series:  Optura 10, Optura 20, Optura 50MC, Optura 100MC, Optura 200MC, Optura Pi, Optura Xi

    Canon ZR Series:  ZR10, ZR20, ZR25, ZR25MC, ZR30, ZR30MC, ZR40, ZR45MC, ZR50MC, ZR60, ZR65MC, ZR70MC, ZR80, ZR85, ZR90

    CANON Camcorder Series: Canon Media Storage M30, Canon Media Storage M80

    Canon EOS Series:  EOS 5D, EOS 10D, EOS 20D, EOS 20Da, EOS 30D, EOS 40D, EOS 50D,  EOS 300D, EOS D30, EOS D60, EOS Digital Rebel, EOS Kiss Digital

    Canon PowerShot G Series:  PowerShot G1, PowerShot G2, PowerShot G3, PowerShot G5, Powershot G6

    Canon PowerShot Pro Series:  PowerShot Pro 1, PowerShot Pro 90, PowerShot Pro 90 IS


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