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I.TOP Brand New Original iPhone 4S Battery 1430mAh

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    I.TOP Brand New Original iPhone 4S Battery 1430mAh


    Product Features:

    1. Maximises Time Between Charges  
    2. Delivers Superior Performance  
    3. Direct Battery Replacement  
    4. Stable and safe to use  
    5. No Memory Effect  
    6. Uses Li-ion polymer technology  
    7. Compatible with: iphone 4s.




    Product Specification:

    Capacity 1430mah
    Weight 35 g
    Voltage 3.7V
    Dimensions 8cm x 3.1cm
    Type Li-ion battery
    Charging time 4--6 hours
    Compatible with  for iPhone 4S
    Limited voltage 4.2V




    Don't over-charge, or over-discharge batteries.
    Don't put it beside the high temperature condition.
    Don't throw it into fire.

    Don't throw it into water.

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