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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery New Problems

2016-09-27 15:32:18

Samsung’s beleaguered Galaxy Note 7 has been hit with its latest embarrassing incident, after reports that its replacement batteries quickly overheat and lose battery power.

Is there anything this phone can get right?

For those who haven’t been following along, Samsung allegedly rushed development of its Note 7 in an attempt to gain a competitive edge against the iPhone 7, only to have to carry out an expensive recall after it turned out the phone batteries were prone to exploding.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements have started shipping out, but even though they might not explode, they reportedly have overheating and battery drain issues even while they're charging.

Consumers who received Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements are reporting that their new devices have overheating and battery drain issues even while they're charging.

The users who found the issues are based in South Korea, where the smartphone maker started the recall process back in Monday.

Galaxy Note 7 Replacements Are Overheating And Losing Power Quickly

The country's news network YTN first reported the problems, according to The Wall Street Journal, and it has interviewed numerous Galaxy Note 7 owners who complained about their units overheating or losing power quickly even when they were plugged in.

According to ZDNet, one owner surnamed Choi said that even though his Galaxy Note 7 was charging and showing the thunder symbol in the battery indicator, the device kept losing 1 percent of power every second.

"I've charged it all night after the battery went below one percent, but it didn't charge over 10 percent," the user told the news outlet.

YTN investigated the matter and found that a unit with 75 percent of power quickly dropped to 49 percent after 39 minutes even though it was charging.

However, it should be mentioned that there have been no incidents of the devices catching fire or exploding to date.

For the record, the reports are currently limited to South Korea, and Samsung didn't confirm whether or not there are similar cases in other countries. Before the recall took place, more than 400,000 units were sold in the country.

Samsung Says It's Not Related To Batteries

It's unclear how rampant these issues are, but according to a Samsung spokesperson, the problem is "completely unrelated to batteries," saying that the incidents are "isolated cases" linked to mass production issues. They also pointed out that "close examinations" are ongoing.

Samsung recently started providing Galaxy Note 7 replacements in the United States, and it claims that it has exchanged approximately 500,000 units so far.

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