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Sony NP-F960 NPF970 Replacement Camera Battery

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    High quality Sony NP-F960 NPF970 Replacement Camera Battery


    1.Voltage: 7.4V

    2.Capacity: 6600mAh

    3.Cell Type: Li-ion

    4.Color: Black

    5.Warranty:18 Months


    Replace Part No.:

    Sony NP-F960, NPF960, Sony NP-F970, NPF970.

    Fit Models with the following cameras:


    CCD-SC55, CCDSC55, SC55
    CCD-SC65, CCDSC65, SC65
    CCD-TR3000, CCDTR3000, TR3000
    CCD-TR3300, CCDTR3300, TR3300
    CCD-TR516, CCDTR516, TR516
    CCD-TR555, CCDTR555, TR555
    CCD-TR67, CCDTR67, TR67
    CCD-TR716, CCDTR716, TR716
    CCD-TR76, CCDTR76, TR76
    CCD-TR818, CCDTR818, TR818 
    CCD-TR87, CCDTR87, TR87
    CCD-TR910, CCDTR910, TR910
    CCD-TR917, CCDTR917, TR917
    CCD-TR930, CCDTR930, TR930
    CCD-TR940, CCDTR940, TR940
    CCD-TRV101, CCDTRV101, TRV101
    CCD-TRV15, CCDTRV15, TRV15
    CCD-TRV215, CCDTRV215, TRV215
    CCD-TRV25, CCDTRV25, TRV25
    CCD-TRV36, CCDTRV36, TRV36
    CCD-TRV37, CCDTRV37, TRV37
    CCD-TRV41, CCDTRV41, TRV41
    CCD-TRV43, CCDTRV43, TRV43
    CCD-TRV46, CCDTRV46, TRV46
    CCD-TRV51, CCDTRV51, TRV51
    CCD-TRV57, CCDTRV57, TRV57
    CCD-TRV58, CCDTRV58, TRV58
    CCD-TRV615, CCDTRV615, TRV615
    CCD-TRV62, CCDTRV62, TRV62
    CCD-TRV65, CCDTRV65, TRV65
    CCD-TRV66, CCDTRV66, TRV66
    CCD-TRV67, CCDTRV67, TRV67
    CCD-TRV68, CCDTRV68, TRV68
    CCD-TRV715, CCDTRV715, TRV715 
    CCD-TRV72, CCDTRV72, TRV72
    CCD-TRV75, CCDTRV75, TRV75
    CCD-TRV81, CCDTRV81, TRV81
    CCD-TRV815, CCDTRV815, TRV815
    CCD-TRV82, CCDTRV82, TRV82
    CCD-TRV85, CCDTRV85, TRV85
    CCD-TRV87, CCDTRV87, TRV87
    CCD-TRV88, CCDTRV88, TRV88
    CCD-TRV90, CCDTRV90, TRV90
    CCD-TRV91, CCDTRV91, TRV91
    CCD-TRV93, CCDTRV93, TRV93
    CCD-TRV95, CCDTRV95, TRV95
    CCD-TRV98, CCDTRV98, TRV98
    CCD-TRV99, CCDTRV99, TRV99
    DCR-SC100, DCRSC100, SC100
    DCR-TR7000, DCRTR7000, TR7000
    DCR-TRV110, DCRTRV110, TRV110
    DCR-TRV120, DCRTRV120, TRV120
    DCR-TRV130, DCRTRV130, TRV130
    DCR-TRV210, DCRTRV210, TRV210
    DCR-TRV310, DCRTRV310, TRV310
    DCR-TRV315, DCRTRV315, TRV315
    DCR-TRV320, DCRTRV320, TRV320
    DCR-TRV510, DCRTRV510, TRV510
    DCR-TRV520, DCRTRV520, TRV520
    DCR-TRV525, DCRTRV525, TRV525
    DCR-TRV720, DCRTRV720, TRV720
    DCR-TRV820, DCRTRV820, TRV820
    DCR-TRV900, DCRTRV900, TRV900
    DCR-VX2000, DCRVX2000, VX2000
    DCR-VX2100, DCRVX2100, VX2100


    100% original manufacturer compatible

    We use A-class quality cells,every cell must pass strictly capacity grading procedure.
    Our every PCB must pass strictly test, until them reach to 100% compliant.

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