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    Seems to work as expected thus far. There was no branding on the box. Let’s see how it holds up.
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    The wireless charger is very nice, support 10W and 7.5W fast charge, I will buy again next time.
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    Jose Pineda Ramirez

    It is great, i can use the 5 charging ports at the same time, my Ipad, my Andriod smartphone, a ggogle tv device, my wife blackberry and also my motorola car bluetooth handsfree i realle recomend it
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    Eyal Novotny

    After 2 days of use, this has proven to be quite convenient. My wife always loses her electronics around the house. But with a single place to charge her belongings, I don't hear where's my [phone, galaxy tab, or iPad]? anymore. No complaints, but if there are any I shall update my review.
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    This product is awesome! I can charge my iPod, iPad, phone, and e reader all on on plug and at the same time! Great for traveling as well! Think I may want another one lol!
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    C. McCoy

    This has worked exceptionally well for me as I use all ports to keep all my portable devices charged. I wanted a single point charging station that allowed me to keep using some of my devices while they are charging - this item works for every kind of device and it's not pricey. Well designed to do the job.
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    This has become one of my favorite road-warrier accessories! When traveling with my Partner, I can charge two iPad Airs, two iPhones and have a port leftover for a BT headset, etc. It is compact, runs relatively cool under load. Comes with a compact, non-grounded 110V cord. I would recommend this without hesitation if you need the powerful ports!
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    Works great, charges phones and tablets. Reduced the clutter of multiple chargers on a power strip. Bundled all the USB cables together and that's the only thing that shows.
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    M L

    Works great, and the ability to charge 5 items simultaneously is terribly convenient! When we travel this has replaced about 5 other chargers we used to lug around. Also makes it easier when you only have that one outlet in the hotel room! Highly recommend, essential for travel if nothing else.
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    Amazon Customer

    Great Product. On the back, it labels which USB port to use for each device. Makes life easier and clears up clutter.
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    I found some ways to use this family-sized charger: * Take it in the car or in luggage. It's kind of heavy to tote around everywhere on foot. It's useful in the house. * There is no paper instruction included. That's because it's so simple that the instructions are embossed on one side of the device. The instructions simply list the amps for each USB port and also list suggested devices to use on those ports. It also states that the max output is 5A, so it's not going to be useful to quickly charge 5 devices at once. * This can charge 2 iPads at once and have .8A unused capacity. That's quite impressive. In theory, it can charge 5 iPhones at once. * It won't take up a lot of room on a socket because the device connect to the power source with its cord. That makes it convenient to use at home because one can plug and unplug iPads and phones without dealing with the socket - easy. I recommend this charger because it charges iPads and phones and the Samsung Tab quickly, and gives convenient options for multi-charging. I was provided a promotional sample.
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    Martin A Hogan

    The size and design of this charger is perfect – not too big or tight. I like the idea that I can charge five of my electronic devices at once without concern of over-charging, overheating or short-circuit problems. This chargers five USB ports charge the following: USB 1: iPad (5V/2.1A) (fast) USB 2: Samsung Tab (5V/1.3A) (average charging) USB 3: iPad (5V/2.1A) (fast) USB 4: iPhone (5V/1A) (average charging) USB 5: Android (5V/1A) (average charging) This charge support all 5V output devices based USB interface, the 25 watts makes for stable and high speed charging. You can charge five items at once, even though the maximum output is 5V. It will also charge just about any device, but I would recommend using the two 2.1A USB ports for faster charging. The look is nice standing vertically so as to not take up a lot of room and the price is extremely reasonable. Product supplied for a review.
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    Have not had any problems use it and I use it every evening with 2 or 3 devices. It charges fast and without any issue.
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    I really don't think you can do better than this. We used the one my husband bought on a recent vacation and now I've purchased a couple more. Everything we have plugged in charges quickly, even with all 5 outlets used. I charged my iPhone, iPad, Mophie, Jambox, and another backup battery. I'm happy to be rid of my mess of charge plugs and just use this one efficient little device.
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    Willem J DERICKS

    it is a good product. It eliminates carrying around 2 or 3 chagers with the cables. Less clutter around the house. It's good !!
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    It does the job. Its just a bit bulky but couldn't find one that was smaller. Okay for the price
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    Currently I charge an iPad 3rd generation, iPad Mini, Galaxy Mega 6.3, and an at&t Liberate all at the same time. The 2 Amp ports work as a quick charge on my iPad Mini and my Galaxy Mega.
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    Works as advertised. Fantastic for travel. As a pilot who spends 200 nights a year in hotel rooms I find myself hunting for electrical outlets all the time. Now, no more. This USB charger works for my 2 iPads, iPhone, Blackberry, and an external spare battery without any issues. Highly recommended. As a bonus I no longer have to carry the assortment of proprietary chargers.
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    Norma Schutt

    I went on a recent vacation and took all our tech toys with us (2 iphones, 2 ipads, 1 external battery, and 1 Bluetooth battery-powered speaker). Needless to say, I didn't want to take along 6 wall plugs. This 5 port charger fit the bill perfectly. I charged everything but the speaker during the night and during the day when we were out with tech toys in-hand, the speaker was charging back in the hotel. I'm so glad I purchased this mult-port charger.
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    This is a great product I drive truck over the road and I have to have a usb for phone, headset and gps keeps me from having all my 12 volt receptacles from being used up and it only uses one outlet on my inverter.
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