Custom Logo Portable Qi bluetooth Charger For Mobile Phone bluetooth Charger Pad

Custom Logo Portable Qi bluetooth Charger For Mobile Phone bluetooth Charger Pad Item NO: QW042

US$ 6.15
Customized Requirements
  • Square Shape Wreless Charger
  • Mobile Phone Charging
Product Name Custom Logo Portable Qi bluetooth Charger For Mobile Phone bluetooth Charger Pad
Item NO QW042
Weight 0.0500 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Category Bluetooth Charger
Brand I.TOP
Creation time 2018-10-08


Product details

Product name Square Shape Wreless Charger
Usage Mobile Phone Charging
Color Black, White
N.W 50g
Product Size 90*90*8.5mm
Input 5V/2A
Output 5V/1A, 9V/1.67A
Output Watt 10W
Charging Efficiency 75%
Material ABS
Product Keywords fast wireless charging pad,fast wireless charger qi,fast wireless charger pad


Ken Orji

This works great, really impressed. I gave it four stars because it takes a little longer to charge my Nexus 4, and will not be ideal if you need to run an app while it charges. Now, if you just put it to charge without more, it is really a cool gadget.


M. Aurilio

I'm using this with a Galaxy Note II with Samsung's OEM protective case. It charges right through the case with no problems. I had to buy a seperate Qi wirless charging receiver pad for my phone (this goes under the battery door), but many newer phones come with the right hardware already. It charges just fine but is quite a bit slower than when plugged directly into the USB cable/wall outlet. Much more convenient though - I set it up at work so it charges (or stays charged) throughout the day and I can just grab it when I need to run out. The phone does get a little warm on the charger - almost hot - but I don't think it's so hot that it would cause any problems. I also do not really like the blinking blue light on the charging pad, but that was easy enough to cover up with a piece of electrical tape.

All in all a great buy!


Kevin Dang

The weird thing about this wireless charger is that, when my phone is charged 100%, It starts to lose power very fast if still connected to the wireless charger. This charger doesn't top off the phone if it starts to discharge. Overall, once your phone gets to 100%, remove it from the charger or else it will discharge very fast to like 60%.



Set my phone on it and it charges right up. Only downside is once my phone is fully charged the pad seems to stop charging my phone. So for example if I set it on the pad at night, it won't be fully charged in the AM because it got to full and then ran down a bit. This doesn't really bother me too much and maybe I just don't understand how to fully make the pad work. It would help if it came with more instruction aside from 'Thanks'.

But seriously overall works great at charging my device (Nexus 4) 4/5 -1 for stoppage.


A. Floyd

Works great! I'm using this with my Samsung Galaxy S4 with a receiver from Fonesalesman (Wireless Charging Receiver Samsung Support Both were slightly more expensive than some other options, but I liked them the best.

I chose the CHOE because of the small form factor. I like that it has the LED indicator, so when the phone screen is off you can still be assured that it's charging. The surface the phone sits on the the same rubber feel coating they put on some phone cases, which is nice because you don't have to worry as much about it slipping off, and it feels softer so may not scratch the phone as much as would hard plastic. It states that it can charge up to 1A, but I think the limiting factor is my phone and/or receiver. I'm getting 640mA while wirelessly charging. But this is 39% higher than the 460mA that I get through USB, so I'm VERY HAPPY!

As a side note, the phone does get slightly warm while charging. This is to be expected though because the battery gives off heat the faster it is charged/discharged.


K. Culp

After just 2 days use, nothing but good things to say. It is light and comes with the cable, but you will need a plug-in USB, they recommend the one that came with the phone. I'll post an update if anything goes wrong, but I am inclined to order a second one. No noise, just a blue indicator light when done. First time you might notice the phone gets a little warm (especially if you are trying it out and remove it at about 99% charge), but I believe now *after trial and error* it automatically shuts down charging if the battery is fully charged and the phone cools down without excessive temperature. If someone replies here, can you validate? My immediate concern was the temp increase with charging - it isn't extremely hot so I don't think it is causing excessive wear on electronic components - but not heard anyone mention that in the reviews here.


Brandon Brown

This device is liberating in the fact that I don't have to tether my phone to a cable. I have it by the bed, and at night it will charge your phone by the morning. The blinking blue light, however, is too bright and I had to cover it with electrical tape. Otherwise, the product works as advertised.


Ken Trough

What can I say about this product? It has a nice rubberized finish. Thin. Light. About the size and thickness of a coffee cup coaster. This Qi standard wireless charger gets the job done in style. I love it and am buying a couple more.