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Custom Logo Portable Qi bluetooth Charger For Mobile Phone bluetooth Charger Pad

Custom Logo Portable Qi bluetooth Charger For Mobile Phone bluetooth Charger Pad Item NO: QW042

US$ 6.15
Customized Requirements
  • Square Shape Wreless Charger
  • Mobile Phone Charging
Product Name Custom Logo Portable Qi bluetooth Charger For Mobile Phone bluetooth Charger Pad
Item NO QW042
Weight 0.0500 kg = 0.1102 lb = 1.7637 oz
Category Bluetooth Charger
Brand I.TOP
Creation time 2018-10-08


Product details

Product name Square Shape Wreless Charger
Usage Mobile Phone Charging
Color Black, White
N.W 50g
Product Size 90*90*8.5mm
Input 5V/2A
Output 5V/1A, 9V/1.67A
Output Watt 10W
Charging Efficiency 75%
Material ABS
Product Keywords fast wireless charging pad,fast wireless charger qi,fast wireless charger pad


Amazon Customer

Works good just takes about 4 hours to charge from dead...


Clint smith

It is a excellent charging pad are use it with my Mophie case for my iPhone 7 and it worked perfect


Bert G. Penhollow

Delivery was as promised.

Using it with a Galaxy S3 with a DoCooler S3 S i9300 QI Standard Wireless Charging Receiver. Installed the DoCooler receiver in the S3. I tried the S3 with no case and with an S3 OtterBox Defender case. It works with and without the case. I did not compare charging times with and without case. Anyone with an OtterBox Defender knows how hard it is to remove the S3. We are very pleased that the wireless charging pad works. The DoCooler receiver does not have QI turn off option so the charger will keep charging. It seems to charge from 35% to 100% in 4 to 5 hours with case on.

Remember part of the charging process hangs on the receiver. Wireless charging works great.



This was the only thing that saved my husband from having to buy a new phone when his charging port died. It is so super cool, I can't even. Thank God for products like this!


Amazon Customer

It works great and my husband loves it. Since the charging port on his phone stopped working.


edwin b.

Great product for the price.


Jesus Villalobos

Works great! My only challenge is aligning the phone on the pad so that my phone can charge. There's a sweet spot. Maybe make the pad a little bigger?


Larry Gee

Works fantastically!! I had a Samsung QI and couldn't stand it. This is a gem of a device and works perfectly with my Motorola Droid Turbo 32. Thanks for engineering and marketing a device that does what it says... Also, to your question, it arrived safe and undamaged.



Update 04/17/2017

This morning I received a brand new charging pad and after few hours of test, I am no longer seeing the issue which my previous charging pad had. It's not super fast but charging time reduced a lot. Thank to Choetech customer service team for taking my concern seriously.


Update 04/05/2017

As suggested I tried generic charger with this device but still getting the same response..taking a long time to charge.

****The customer service team contacted me immediately and asked me to try another product free to cost, fingers crossed...****

Lets start with the good quality, anti-slip rubber design is perfect to keep this product at any surface. However just to charge a little over 10% my S7 its taking more an hour. Not sure if I got a beat-up product or this is something we can get from a single coil charger. Planing to return..really can't wait half day to charge my phone :-)


Joey Perucki

Works as expected on my Galaxy S6. I currently use a pelican case and the charging pad has no issues with the thickness. I purchased two, and I do not use the pad to charge overnight, rather I keep one in my living room and one on my work desk to keep it topped off throughout the day without having to worry about the battery level later. Since I do not charge on it overnight I really cannot speak to how hot it gets. It is well worth the price, and I highly recommend it to anyone with a wireless charging phone.



- Charges my Galaxy S6 quickly, even through an Otterbox case
- Large base (compared to other charging pads) makes it easier to place my phone on it when I'm half-awake
- Good price

- Charging indicator light is pretty bright


Gabriel Johnson

I took this charger apart and installed it in the armrest tray in my 2014 Silverado. Works like a champ!


Mandy L

Works great on my Samsung S7! I like not having to plug it in!


Amazon Customer

Works great! I have 2 now, bought one for me to test and since it works (even through a thin case) I now got one for my wife.



Good Charger works well, if you need to take it in your vehical just use a rubber band and it will hold it, my micro usb burrned out on my galaxy 3 so I bought this and was very happy !



After reading the reviews of many similar products I concluded to buy this one. I have a mophie air pack for my iPhone 7plus and this product works wonderfully. I am extremely impressed with this product. One of my number one concerns was that a handful of customers were complaining that when connecting this product their device disconnected randomly. The instructions are clear, if you position the device as it is recommended your device will not disconnect. Also, since it only comes with the pad and a USB to USB-B cable, the user will need to get a USB wall charger. Make sure of the output that this USB wall charger will need to provide to the pad be at least a minimum of 2.4 AMPs (12 watts). Many complained in this thread of not working as advertised . You cannot use this product with your device proprietary USB wall charger in which it will only output what the device needs. Transferring power between the power coils need a little bit more juice so that your device won't disconnect randomly.

Overall, it's a great product. Samsung, mophie, etc., charge for this king of qi devices from $49 to $100. This is a simple technology that should be exactly at the price range this particular device is. This is a great product.


D&D Stoner

It didn't work, but I was offered a replacement by the company.



Works perfectly well, does not make my phone warm or hot, charges just as quickly as plugged in. Recomend!



It's a great wireless charger, for the price. I use it with my Nokia Lumia 750 and it works well. It appears to only have one charging coil, whereas the phone has 2, but it still works just fine. The blue LED on the front helps me find the proper placement every time. I would recommend it for sure.



So far works as advertised, great price.