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About Nawsun

Nawsun is a leading manufacturer of air quality & home decor products. Our passion for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is the driving force behind the wide range of products we offer. It all started with the essential oil diffusers, humidifiers, and night lights that have continued to grow from there.

Our products are well-crafted to meet the highest design and quality standards and enhance your daily life.

We are grateful for customers’ trust from the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, Argentina, etc. And continue to provide products with high quality, competitive prices, and outstanding service.

Passionate about air quality & home decor products.


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Quality Above All

Nawsun aims to benchmark quality control standards for the industry. We take “Quality Above All” as our principle in manufacturing and testing our products daily and regard it as our promise to our customers.

The entire team – employees, partners, investors – share a deep commitment to building a new future of better life.

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