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Always take “Quality Above All” as our producing and testing principle all the time. Dedicate to benchmarking the industry quality control standards.

Nawsun Factory Quality Control

Quality Control Process

As one of the most professional essential oils & aromatherapy-related business solution providers, Nawsun has been dedicating to benchmarking the industry quality control. Every essential oil, diffuser and humidifier from Nawsun is 100% strictly tested by our expert QC team.

This is our promise for customers and we are confident with our products because we take  “Quality Above All” as our producing and testing principle all the time.


Materials Transport




1st Function Inspection


Warehouse Storage




Components Assembly


Final Testing


Seal, Packing & Delivery

Quality control is of paramount importance when customers are purchasing essential oils, aroma diffusers, and other aromatherapy products.

You want products that really work, and our aim is to exceed your expectations. This requires quality control procedures of the very highest order at every stage of sourcing, manufacturing, and beyond.

What does Quality Control involve?

Quality control involves processes, equipment, and people. Our opinion is that quality control should begin at the earliest stage of production. This important aspect is often overlooked when considering quality issues, and this is precisely why we have insisted on working so closely with our main suppliers.

To meet this requirement, we have been building close working relationships with expert suppliers. Striving for excellence is what helped us earn our reputation, and enforcing a strict quality control system is what helps us maintain it.


After passing quality control, the raw material is purchased in bulk and the consignment is given a unique batch number and entered into the records of our raw materials database.

Manufacturing Standards

The same exacting standards are rigorously imposed at every stage in order to support full traceability, whilst showing compliance with all relevant legislation and regulations.


Safety and quality are equally important for essential oils & aromatherapy products, and we work hard to ensure that our products are suitable for the entire family.

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